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About me

My story is one of seeking.  Seeking new ways of engaging consciousness, new understandings of my place in relation to others.  And most of all, seeking new ways of empowering myself and others to heal ourselves through our own inner spiritual resources.

At the genesis of my spiritual journey is the thirteen years I spent as a matriarch of a family in the Northern Native American Suhtai tradition. Immersed in its rituals, rites, and healings, I developed my spiritual awareness and a deeper understanding of how to tend to others in a way that respects their true nature and path.

When I left the Suhtai way of life, my search for further spiritual development and insight led me to HCH in Lafayette, CA where I became clinically certified in Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Shamanism. Eventually I spent time in Peru closely examining our inner landscapes and the nature of healing through a series of ceremonies with local shamans.  It was during this time that I immersed myself in a truth that lies at the heart of my healing practice- that each person is born with an immense foundation of spiritual wisdom and resources that can allow them to heal themselves from within.

I have continued my seeking by sitting in community at The Art of Living in Moraga, CA.  Through the three principals taught by Syney Banks, I have learned that we have an innate balance and wellbeing built into our humanness.  Having developed a rich understanding of resilience, I am able to easily guide my clients to noticing their own innate wellbeing, allowing them to enjoy peace of mind.

We all have this spiritual intuition. Whether it's that voice inside of you that keeps telling you to leave an unhealthy relationship or a space that in your heart's center that warms at the thought of following your passions, we are all born with a well-tuned sense of truth.  With our modern society, clouded by the anxiety of fallacy and illusion, we have lost touch with this inner counsel.  

I am certain you will regain connection as I guide you in listening and trusting it.  Through my practice, I help my clients to connect with these innate spiritual resources so that you can bring yourself into balance, trusting yourself, and enjoying your life path.

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