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Transpersonal Hypnotherapy


For our entire lives, each of us has been steadily developing a set of beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that dictate our responses to specific experiences.  Stored indefinitely in the subconscious mind, these artifacts of the past can create conflict with the changing realities of the present.  This can manifest itself in any number of ways: a moment of rejection carries with it years of insecurity, childhood trauma gives way to a fear of the unknown in adulthood, abuse by a loved one creates a distrust of others and self, and so on.

Transpersonal hypnotherapy allows you to better acquaint yourself with these inner states and, in doing so, transform them to fit your needs of today.  Hypnosis creates a trance state where the subconscious becomes suggestable.  By using positive suggestions, you can reprogram your behaviors, patterns, and beliefs.

I use hypnotherapy to guide you through the lucid area between waking and dreaming where the imaginative, subconscious mind holds equal space with the logical, conscious mind.  From this vantage point, you will be able to access your own innate healing resources to untangle the knots of past experiences, thereby realigning yourself with the necessities and the truth of the present.

It is a way of healing yourself from within, allowing your own inner counsel to light the path. When you return from the hypnotic state, you will know more clearly who you are in this moment and, equipped with this unified sense of self, you'll be able to gracefully adapt to every experience that life provides.

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