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Psychedelic Integration Specialist

Have you often sensed there was another way to be, but don't know how to get there?

  • Have a hunger for more?

  • Want to be less judgmental?

  • Wish to feel more connected?

  • Long to feel understood or listened to?

  • Have done psychedelics (or are curious) and feel lonely that no one gets what you experienced?

  • Desire to make sense of what that trip/journey was all about?

  • Has daily life become difficult since your journey, do you wish there was a way to apply what you felt?


I help you harvest insights, wisdom and downloads so that the negative self talk and frustration at feeling like not enough can become a sense of consistent inner strength, patience, and purpose.

I help you normalize what feels abnormal so that a state of depression or fear can become a trait of inspiration and peace or calm. 

I help you establish healthy boundaries and clear communication so that you don't have to feel insecure, uncertain, or misunderstood which will allow you to become assertive in your desires and dreams while feeling connected and belonging.

I help you make sense of what you experienced so that all the nervousness and overthinking can settle into a gentle inner knowing of hopefulness and clarity.

I help you move forward so that basic tasks that feel like hurtles to overcome can begin to feel like joyful expressions of life in flow.

As psychedelic integration specialist, it is my mission to be of service to you,

pointing you in a direction where you can get to know and trust your own intuition

as you journey through the joys and pains of life.

As a seeker and life-long learner, I have braved a few storms,

I have leaned into the essence of my own knowing and I have never lost hope.

I have seen incredible healing emerge from the most dire situations

and thus I have come to trust the innate resources that reside within each of us

as well as the proven methods and techniques I have used over the years.


For over two decades, my educational and personal experiences have allowed me

to develop a specialized set of ‘tools’ that enable me to tailor each healing to your specific needs.

This tool kit includes: Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, Shamanic Practices, Reiki, and Trauma Informed Somatic exercises.

Love, generosity, and compassion inform the nature of my healing methods

as each word or action is taken in service to working with you.

I promise to honor my own truth while having reverence for yours. 

When you tap into the core of your being, you know that everything is possible:

forgiveness, compassion, grace.

My mission is to support you in bravely navigating life’s longing to thrive.

I honor your right to be completely yourself.


I teach “Selfing” as a way of living in alignment with life.

As you align for yourself, you become an example to those around you,

allowing them permission to be true to themselves as well.

When you thrive gracefully, you are able to nourish relationships with compassion, generosity and trust.

Transpersonal conversations expand your journey and make room for healing.

These conversations will encompass logic, systems, and strategies,

as well as developing a deep-felt sense of knowing,

which inform the application of these techniques to ensure a steady flow of energy

and heart-centered trust in living life with unconditional love.

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