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Adaptation and Evolution

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Janine Benyus, a student of biomimicry, acknowledged there’s a radical fringe of scientists who are realizing that natural selection isn’t individual, but mutual. That species only survives if they can learn to be in community.

Adaptation and evolution depend upon critical, deep, and authentic connections. Defined as love.

Trauma isolates and diminishes. It causes one to abandon connection to others, and eventually- if left unhealed, abandon one’s connection within the self.

I have learned that there are two things that can heal trauma, they function beautifully independent of one another, but are most efficient when in conjunction. One is presence, the other is love with inclusion.

Having spent my life practicing and entraining my capacity to expand my presence, deepening my vulnerability in love, and welcoming all that is just as it is - meaning most of things we would call “shadow” today, I have become an efficient and compassionate healer on multiple levels of awareness.

What does this mean for you? The more people I am in contact with, who are looking to heal parts of their lives, the better chance we all have of integrating on a deeper, more authentic connection for our evolution and growth.

Who do you know that needs someone to hear their pain, with ears of love and acceptance, so they can remember who they are and why they are here. Who do you know that is looking for hope, purpose, or meaning? Please, take a moment to ask, would they like a free phone call with me.

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