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Be The Change

Gandhi said we need to “be the change we wish to see in the world”. Because all energy is inter connected, we are all one at an energetic level. If we are loving towards ourselves, at peace within, that helps to spread peace and love in the world.

What kind of change do we wish to see in the world? What will that be like to love ourselves unconditionally with compassion and warmth, just so we can be so generous with others.

In what way are we willing to change the relationship we have with ourselves, in order to bring about the change in the world we seek. What do we have to let go of or forgive? What do we need to accept and embrace?

In noticing our humanity, how we make mistakes and struggle with things from time to time. We come to an opportunity to be gentle with ourselves. If we practice this, we can be twice as kind to those we call a friend or family, as well as those we call a “stranger”. Everyone of us is a stranger to the other, unless we make room for one more friend.

The time is now, to make that change, of loving yourself the way you long to be. To tend to and care for yourself, the way that feels most nourishing for you. Sending you my love, just to help get you started in remembering your innate beauty and value.

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