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Beliefs Realigned.

Hypnosis is about belief systems.  -Doug O’Brien

How do you get in touch with your beliefs?

Take a look at your behaviors.

Take a listen to that self talk that you have going on in the back of your mind.

Observe the ways in which you defend things in your life.

Those are all based on beliefs.

Your beliefs are developed and nurtured through your family and society.

How you experience these beliefs determines if they are “good or bad“.

What that means is do they feel aligned or pull you out of balance?

When these behaviors or back of the mind thoughts feel respectful, generous, and warm, you can assume that they are aligned.  This would be a belief we call “good”.

When they feel painful, hurtful, or disrespectful, you can assume that they are out of balance.  Basically, somewhere in the belief is a misunderstanding. This is what we would call “bad”.

Hypnosis is an effective and easy way to gain access to these beliefs without having to know how. Once you gain access to these beliefs, you then have the power, ability, and right to adjust them so that they are more aligned.  The adjustment comes in finding out where the misunderstanding is and clearing it up. You may let go of and replace the belief all together, or there may be a simple clarifying in the meaning or application of the belief, bringing ease and simplicity to your behaviours.

Through your life experience, your story, you have everything you need to be successful, happy, and balanced.  Hypnosis is fast and direct at giving you access to all those resources by just exploring what skills you developed through your experiences and your story.

As you are living, you are not focused on the skill that’s being created in the moment, but when you revisit an experience, you can easily recognize what it was that you used to pull you through. Those are the gemstones that can help you resolve whatever puzzle is in front of you at this time.  Because you did make it through that other story or experience, it has an innate, built in success factor that implies confidence and ability, well beyond what your belief lead you to perceive.

Wouldn’t you like to know what you already know to be successful?  Wouldn’t it be easier to already have the skills needed to be peaceful and in balance?  Why not remember your strengths and put them to good use as you move forward in life? Schedule a session to learn more about your beliefs and realign them for an easier, graceful life.

Blessings, Summer 

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