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Depression to Birth

Vulnerability seems to be the one thing we avoid and resist. Yet, each time we notice another being vulnerable, we are so caring and tender towards them. We respect and honor their state, extending generous intention that there be hope and strength to pull them through. What would happen if you were to allow yourself to be vulnerable with the same respect and support we extend to others?

Sometimes a baby gets stuck in the birth canal and the whole world conspires to ensure the safe delivery. The length of time in that stuck-ness can quickly move from a brief anomaly in the birthing process to an outright emergency of life or death.

When we are in transition from one state of awareness, understanding, or belief to another state, it is much like traveling through that birth canal. We can’t go back to where we were and we haven’t quite reached where we are going yet. Some of us move right through, to process the emotions and thoughts with consistent contractions to wring ourselves dry of the old state. Other times we can get stuck in the canal, resisting the new, holding onto the old, and depending on how stubborn we are, that can take weeks, to months, to years.

This seems to be when we find ourselves with the label of “depressed”. When we are stuck in the canal for so long that we forgot what direction we were going. Hypnosis is an effect means by which of clearing a path through the darkness. Initially is it utilized to establish a provision of light, wisdom, and truth to the current state of being. Then it is used to develop tools and skills for making one’s way to the end goal. The end goal ultimately is to return to living in wholeness with purpose and meaning. For each one of us, this will look and feel slightly different, but will have a similar radiance to it. This is the radiance of pure, unconditional love for oneself just as they are.

Being labeled with depression is far from a life sentence. Any day you choose, can be the day you are born back to life, to hope, to fulfilling dreams. It is hardly work, but it certainly can feel like a lot of effort. What baby is born without a push?

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