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Ever wonder how to move from fear to love?

In a world where fear seems to be the first response to change, how do we come to this changing world with love as our foundation?  I've joined with a world class group of healers to share our insights on how to move forward with our hearts and eyes wide open.  Join us, in this free online community that spans the globe to discover the myriad of ways to deepen our connection to Life Source and hope. Start your day with free positive vibrations! The world needs a bit more light, love and joy. Don't you think? We, a group of social changemakers, lightworkers, healers, artists, storytellers ... believe we can co-create a new world full of light, love & joy (some call it the "5th dimension", other "Aquarius era" etc). We'd like to invite you to join us From 7 August you will find an inspired video-talk from a changemaker on a daily basis. Start your day by watching this video and tap into these higher frequencies of love and light during your day. Why? Because WE CARE. We care about you. We care about the world. Based on the principle: "What you give attention to grows" . So, let's focus on the positive and walk the path of light and love to 5D. Join us for teachings, stories and inspiration. Note. This project is 100% altruistic. You'll receive all these guidance for free. No catch. We ask 1 thing in return: share this powerful and valuable messages and inspirations with anyone who could benefit from this (euhm... That would be everyone :-) ) With light & love, Karen De Wilde, Sophie Wisbrun-VanAcker, Monifa Harris, Suraya Rose, Pamela Jay, Urmil Wadhwa, Lív í Baianstovu, Mira Rubin, Inge Maskun, Summer MacCool, Arina Matjeva, Angi King, Mary Cathomen, Pialee Adhikari Mukherjee, Susan Brand, Els Cuypers, Anne Gordon, Jeannine Goode-Allen

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