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Hanged Man Card

All the identities you hold.

All the images of who you imagine you are.

Release them.

Watch as they circle the drain.

That narrow path from illusion to reality.

What is reality, anyway?

Perception is a five-way mirror, there is a deeper illusion nestled within each reality, each revealing a more powerful release of who we are not.

The liquid forming of identity and how our personality is shaped by the illusion.

Hold yourself upside down, and remember do not take any of it too seriously.

If it’s not really real, then what is truth?

Malleable formations of thought meld and reshape into a new presence.  We release what we knew and reform into a dream imagined only in the deepest daring of our mind.

Where is that mind to be found?

Sometimes lost at sea, sometimes relaxing in the sun on a lazy summer day.

Other times we imagine each day to the next is the same, only to find that each second is reinvented and we are never the same as we were before.

Fun? Sure!

Sorrow? Why not!

Life is to live alive, as we are formed one heart beat to the next.

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