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Hello Heather Vol. 4

My actions and words have been stunted by my thoughts. What gives my thoughts this power?

Sometimes it is easier to believe your thoughts over your heart or soul at times. When you do, your thoughts have total power. Your thoughts are compelling and distracting, but are untrue to the source of yourself. You give these thoughts their power. When you integrate your thoughts into your heart, you give your heart power.

Blessings Heather

Volume 4

I’ve developed an insight column called Hello Heather. This is similar to Dear Abby, the famous advice column. But I’m not Abby and I don’t offer advice. A group of close friends call me Heather when I drop into my soulful perspective of understanding and awareness. From Heather’s perspective, the insight is deeply moving and readily available for anyone looking for understanding to what is beyond and within the human identity.

My invitation to you is to send me questions regarding your experience as a soul living a human life. I would love to explore the possibilities in development of this insight column.

Please send inquiries to I am so excited and honored to hear what you are curious about and what Heather can sense on your behalf.

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