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Love along the way.

Have you ever felt like you were in a dark cave, scrambling about, trying to get out. As if you’re feeling along the walls for clues that might lead towards a doorway. Each clue is discovered, but it doesn’t seem to make sense. It’s like you have this bag of clues and it’s all just a jumbled mess, like all the letters just swirling in an alphabet soup.

What I know to be true is, each clue carries its own meaning. Each clue has its place in defining a whole picture. By dumping all of the clues out and taking a look at the nature of them, it becomes easy and simple to arrange them in a way that makes a complete picture, of who you are.

I’ll always start with where you are. I meet you where you’re at.

I don’t worry about where it takes us or if it feels like to you that it goes nowhere.

I know it always goes somewhere, and every time I get there, it’s breath takingly beautiful.

I’m looking at your beliefs and how these beliefs create a sense of identity. The way this identity is standing on the foundation of your character and where there may be either missing or unclaimed pieces to complete the way through. I can see how there is a significant amount of misunderstanding of our character when it translates to how we behave and how this can affect our sense of identity.

There are elements of meaning that we rush past and in missing their value we collapse experiences and become misaligned in our intentions.

It is that misalignment that creates confusion and doubt making us wonder if we can actually trust ourselves because our behaviors betray our intentions.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel like things are in order, they have a place and purpose, and if it feels out of balance, that it can be realigned? With something as simple as a deep breath, coming back to presence, you can restore hope and grace.

Wishing you a very happy new year and sending you love along your journey.

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