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Poem for Anna

Hello formless

Please help me feel see hear

I am inclined to even ask for understanding

But I realize that’s running ahead

I feel I’m learning to be like an Indian tracker

But my habit is to run ahead of the information

Like reading the table of contents

thinking you understand the book

This requires more patience than I’m used to applying

This invites a kind of presence that allows for everything to be unknown yet

It deepens my reverence for all the already is

I experience my insecurity so powerfully

It pulls me into distraction

Taking me away from what’s truly possible

Leaving me in doubt about what there was to be insecure in the first place

Please help me formless

I so long to be of true service

I am tickled in your presence

Would it be OK if I moved in?

Thank you Anna for your friendship. Blessings, Summer

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