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Tap Your Power

5 week online course

Explore the power of your inner knowing.

Develop your grace and strength from this powerful place within you.

Align and expand with your creative power within.

Join me on a journey into your deepest wisdom.

5 Wednesdays to discover and Tap Your Power.

to enroll, click on link above.

I do want to be transparent. I've never taught online. But, I'm super excited to share this class with you. I think I've learned the technology enough to feel like offering this class is a great way to connect in community while being Covid safe. I also think I may have found a secret way of helping the Zoom feeling be warm and connected rather than dry and distant.

I think the time has come for us to return to our inner wisdom as we slowly bring our lives back out into the world. How do we listen to those whispers from within while everything around us is yelling? Well, that is what this class is for. Join together with like minded and open hearted people who also want to be in a world where kindness comes first.

I'd love to share this time with you learning, growing, connecting, and becoming. Sending you love and grace, Summer

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