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The Essence of Clinical Hypnotherapy Sessions with Summer MacCool - An Interview with Bonnie Dixon

Once in a while, life brings a lovely opportunity down our path.  While networking, I had the honor of meeting a wonderful woman named Bonnie Dixon - Health and Wealth Consultant.  As one thing led to another, not only did I receive the honor of being interviewed by her on StoryVan.TV, but she also introduced me to a product that I now deeply value, LifeWave Patches.  (More on those in another article, details here if you can't wait: 

This interview with Bonnie is a brief introduction to who I am, the path that led me here, and explores the various forms of the work I do - Clinical Hypnotherapy, Reiki, and Shamanism. Bonnie and I talk in depth about clinical hypnotherapy - who can benefit from these sessions, how these sessions can help, and how in essence, you already have all the answers and resources you need to live a great life. At times, you just need a little help to remember, and it is my distinct honor and pleasure to help you do so.

Bonus - Enjoy a really beautiful Guided Imagery Meditation about half way through.

Watch Here!

Happy to connect if there is something in there that inspires you or peaks your interest.  You can connect with me here:

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