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Universal Vessel

Expanding Awareness into Service.

Looking back on my journey, I learned I was a universal vessel when sitting in a sweat lodge singing a lodge song, operatic style, while a brother cried out his pain and grief.  That’s when I knew for sure I was in service of something much more in tune, clear, and connected than I have ever known myself to be. A small secret here, I can’t sing or hold a note to save my life. Another small note, I have never known this brother to express his emotions so innocently and purely.  

Something happened in that lodge that day, where I took all my judgements, insufficiencies, and weaknesses, set my attachment to them as a way of defining myself, off to the side.  By being so open, present, and vulnerable, the power of universal energy, spirit, Life, was able to move through me to make room for my brother to know himself purely, genuinely, openly.  

Transformation of self identification happened for both of us that day.  I became more curious and determined to live my life from that place as much as possible.  My brother on the other hand found the experience terrifying, he went the other way and hid even deeper from his pure self.  

We all have access to this beauty, grace, and love within us.  At some moment in our journey, we will all come to know and experience it directly.  This is when we will learn what we are truly made of. What I find most magical about this, is in one moment we can stand tall, the next we can walk away, and in another we can resurrect ourselves into our purest form once again.  None of it is set in stone, all of it is malleable.  Just by choosing to step in or to step out, we can constantly redefine ourselves any way we want. I just happen to prefer the one where I am an universal vessel for love.

The work I do with my clients brings them to that space where they too can know themselves with innocence, purpose or meaning, and unconditional love.  Today is a good day to open wider to the source of Life, won't you join me?

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