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Shamanic Practice


Considered to be the oldest and most primitive spiritual practice on Earth, Shamanism involves accessing and exploring non-ordinary reality to establish open communication with the spirit world.

As a shamanic practitioner, I go on a spiritual journey on your behalf, interacting with your soul in order to uncover your own innate spiritual resources that you can use to bring healing, energetic balance, clarity, and support into your life.  

During an illumination, we focus on an aspect of your life that is causing frustration, stagnation, anxiety, etc.  I find where that spiritual blockage is located in your body and help release it.  Then we process and integrate the change in your internal awareness after you have been liberated from the force that was keeping you from your truest, balanced self.

Sometimes even the most innocuous experiences can be traumatic enough that a piece of your soul escapes in pursuit of safety or preservation, leaving you no longer whole or self-trusting.  This incompleteness can manifest itself in feelings of confusion, insecurity, and loneliness.  During a soul retrieval, I can help you reclaim the parts of your being that are lost or fragmented and help you to re-integrate them.

Similarly, when you are separated from someone that was once an integral part of your life, you can find yourself feeling incomplete, dissatisfied, and alone.  Through spirit releasement, I can locate the source of your attachments to that person so that we can liberate you from having your energy drained by their absence.

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