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Transpersonal conversations for healing, growth, and transformation.  Be the person you always dreamed you could be.

Have you felt scared, lost, or confused?  Does it look like no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to change?  Have you been told to cheer up, don't worry about it, or let it go and move on?  Have you felt like people just didn't understand, no one seems to hear what your saying, things get overwhelming?

Do you wish you could have more control over the energy and emotions that come your way?  Have you longed to live just the way you are, not having to choose between yourself and everything else?  Do you feel like your heart is just longing to love, but it feels unsafe to open it fully?   Do you dream of living with a sense of peace, calm and ease on a daily basis, and not just a fleeting moment that happens from time to time without explanation?

My goal on this path is to help you build up your own inner spiritual resources and intuition so that you can embrace your life with confidence, energetic balance, and joy. Instead of creating a system of codependent healing, I aim to open your eyes to your own innate ability to heal yourself and gracefully flow with the ever-changing realities of life.

With a diverse set of tools, techniques, and experience, it is easy for me to nurture you back to your truest, balanced self.  Life truly is meant to be lived with a sense of strength, freedom, and easy presence. 

When you schedule your appointment with me, you will find that you now have the support you need to uncover what hurts and bring healing and transformation.  Why not live in the possibility of wholeness and ease?

I invite you to learn more with a free 15-minute consultation.  With a simple phone call, your questions can be answered and your healing can begin.

Call now for a free consultation.


Located in Pleasant Hill, CA

Mobile and Zoom appointments available. Night and weekends available. Please contact me for any personal queries.

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