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Maria Eberle

Taking that step forward and meeting with Summer will be a life-altering experience. She is a guide and a soul soother, with an enormous heart, made for helping others. Summer takes the time to listen. You'll know immediately that you are in capable hands, and you'll be able to trust yourself in her care. Thank you Summer for your healing touch!

Nichole Renda

Summer is absolutely amazing. Her "job description" does not begin to explain the expansive, holistic, and depth of treatment. I am a mathematician engineer with 2 masters degrees, and Summer surpasses me in her mastery of logic and clarity of the universe. She has helped me so much to see beyond my blind spots and actualize the abundance of opportunities available to me. I would highly Highly recommend working with her!

Eddie Fernandez

Summer is such an experienced, kind, and compassionate therapist. She is truly helping shape not only how I see the world but how to see myself.

Summer is one on a million.

Jennie Macauley

I was at a stage in my life where I was open to alternative methods of finding my happiness and ridding myself of the anxiety and fear I was living with. For me, exploring the opportunity with Summer was very well-timed. I knew what I needed and after 25 years of therapy and medications, I found Summer and together we found my truth and trust and self-love. I have already recommended Summer to friends and I am incredibly grateful to have found her so I could find myself.

Marcia Christyne Blick

She is a compassionate accepting person who does not judge and offers support tailored to the individual. She helps you see within yourself in order to set realistic goals. I would readily recommend her to everyone.

Marie Bowser

She’s so insightful, great at what she does. I can already feel a shift.

Amelia Plumb

My session with Summer was amazing! I did a shaman session with her to clear blocks that were holding me back. After the session I felt energized and prepared to move forward past the blocks. It was so beneficial and I left feeling very empowered. I definitely recommend working with Summer if you feel stuck and want to propel yourself forward in life.

Kevin M. Wong

I was hesitant to try hypnotherapy as I was unsure if it would really work. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Summer is very suited for this work. She has a very nurturing personality and you can tell immediately she wants to help you. She has many skill sets and uses a variety of techniques to find out what is the issue. Her work has a purpose and it is very deliberate in her desire to help you dig deep and figure out what is truly happening. She is kind, sincere, wise, easy to talk to, a good listener and generally wants to help everyone she can. Thank you, Summer for making a believer out of me.

Elaine Wegenka

Summer is working with my daughter, supporting her as she learns how to live independently . But the bigger picture, and there always is a bigger picture, is Summer is helping her to know who she is in this world. My daughter is beginning to like herself, to release the habit of second-guessing and trying to please everyone at her own expense. It's wonderful to see my daughter become a lovely adult. Thank you Summer.

Janet Flint

Summer is an attentive listener, I find her presence healing, and her work with me taught me some things I needed to know about myself. Thank you Summer.

Laura Primus

Summer MacCool is a skilled and caring hypnotherapist. She always puts me at ease during my visits. I have healed a number issues after my visits with her including childhood pains, fears around cancer reoccurring, and anxiety. I highly recommend her, will go to her again, and recommend her to all my clients.
-Laura Primus, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

Carmen Thompson

Summer is incredible!!! So kind and warm hearted! I love my experience with her and definitely will do it again!!!

Katrina Bourque

I am so grateful I found Summer, she has such profound wisdom packaged in a gentle and loving way. She reminds you of your own power. If your stuck and want the tools to remember who you truly are and how to get back to a state of peace and happiness, make an appointment with Summer. I am very much looking forward to applying all the powerful tools she helped me discover. Highly recommend and I will be working with her in my journey of self discovery. :)

Tanner V

No Hospitals, no Doctors, NO PILLS! After going through some major health problems, a team of specialists giving the same "I'm not sure whats wrong with you, take these pills..." diagnosis, I found Summer MacCool. Quickly, Summer and I began to uncover and explore possible reasoning's for my debilitating issues and soon developed solutions which led to a much more fulfilling pain-free life in which I lead today. Several months later "No Hospitals, no Doctors, NO PILLS!". Summer has helped me so much more than I could possibly describe in a little Google review....
Forever Grateful.

Tricia Nickel

Summer is masterful in her work: She is Present for you!!! You may do hypnotherapy, shamanism or Reiki during your session. She will support you in Your goals and aspirations. Let her open up your dream boxes and together assess the next steps in your journey. Summer is happiest when her client finds the hope that they seek.

Audrey Rome Theone Carlson

Summer is AMAZING! Very good at what she does! She has a way with words that is very comforting and kind allowing you to really trust her and dig deep within yourself! Great!

Jim Wong

Summer brings her calming and compassionate energy to her session. Left me with greater clarity than I’ve had in a long time.


Celena Peet

Very intuitive healer, my experience was positive and has had a long-term benefit to my well-being.

Trevor Scotto

Summer is a true professional. She provided a transcendent experience!

John Bottari

Summer truly turned me around and gave me my peace and strength back. Taught me how to stop the abuse.

Kitty K.

A loving session with Summer.

Summer has a calm and warm presence so I felt safe and comfortable being with her as well as discussing my goals for the session. She is incredibly professional, precise, and understanding. Summer is a great guide into the unconscious. As a result of our session I feel resolve, healing. As a byproduct I am sleeping more soundly, and when I am awake I feel less distracted, more attune. I would happily recommend her to any family member or friend. Thank you Summer for your work.

Tiffiny S.

Summer is a breath of fresh air.  She is so good at what she does and makes you feel very comfortable sharing with her.  I appreciate her approach and consideration with how she guides me to discovering my own answers.  Highly recommend spending some time with Summer!

Meredith W.

There is a reason why Summer has all five star reviews. I can't begin to explain how what she does works, but I know it works. Through a few appointments she helped me deal with issues I had been struggling with for over two decades. Physical issues that doctors could not solve (such as allergies and back pain) and mental issues dealing with depression. Summer is a very kind healer and I thoroughly recommend

Julie G.

I trust Summer with my most important clients.  Her gentle touch and compassionate listening help people find peace of mind and well-being very quickly.  Such a calm and inspiring presence!

Meredith W.

Taking that step forward and meeting with Summer will be a life-altering experience. She is a guide and a soul soother, with an enormous heart, made for helping others. Summer takes the time to listen. You'll know immediately that you are in capable hands, and you'll be able to trust yourself in her care. Thank you Summer for your healing touch!

Elaine W.

Whatever you think hypnotherapy is, it just might be something different.  Summer spent the first part of our time simply talking to me and getting a sense of me as a person.  She took a lot of notes as we talked. The setting was quiet and I felt safe.  When we began the treatment, I was completely aware of what was happening.  And yet as I answered her questions, thoughts came out of unexpected places in my head; things I hadn't thought about for years.  At the end I felt refreshed and very relaxed.

But that was just the beginning.  Throughout the next few weeks, I would get insights.  It felt as if answers would just pop into my head; I made unexpected connections to events in my life.  It felt exactly like when you're putting a puzzle together at the table and suddenly you find just the right piece that makes the connection to a whole section  of pieces.  My dreams were often a "sorting-time".  

So I now understand I don't have to stay stuck as if a needle keeps replaying the same phrase of a song over and over.  It's a simple as wiping away the dust and letting the song play all the way through.  

Where are you stuck?  Stop ignoring it and find a gentle way to move through.  Summer is kind and compassionate; her work is profound.

Annie A.

My experience with Summer was eye opening and unexpected. She has a calm energy that makes her easy to talk to and entrust my deepest thoughts, feelings and fears. She helped me release a block that I had buried for years. It was buried so deep that I didn't even know it existed when we began the session. By the end of my session, I had tears rolling down my face. I felt changed and empowered. It was simply amazing. I can't thank her enough!
I highly recommend her to anyone who may be interested in hypnotherapy. You won't regret it!

Kevin W.

Summer has a personality so suited to being a hypnotherapist, Shaman and energy worker. Her presence and mannerisms are soothing and calming. She is very focused on determining the source of your issues and helping you to develop ways to improve them. She is not your typical therapist who keeps you coming back forever. She wants to teach you ways to help yourself so you feel empowered, confident and happy. I was so happy she could help me with some specific personal and emotional issues I was having.

Marie B.

I just had an amazing hypnotherapy session with Summer MacCool. The time we spent talking beforehand was amazing in and of itself. The hypnotherapy was powerful. I feel different already - more powerful, more calm, more sure of myself. I went in wanting to talk about one thing and once we unpacked it, it was clear how it was a small part of a bigger picture - and we got to work on all of it. She is so insightful and intuitive. You will be blown away.

Meghan Saake

So I just saw Summer here on yelp, and remember going to see her as a hypnotherapist for my first session about 3 years ago in 2015. And I remember her SO well.

My session with summer was the best. I ended up having a different hypnotherapist for about 7 months when I moved to New York soon after, and none of those sessions were as effective and helpful as the time I worked with Summer.
I was really skeptical if hypnotherapy would work on me and I thought I would be apart of the few percentage that it wouldn't work on, and I was wrong! Summer was very open, relaxed, and she wasn't pushy about anything and didn't seem to have a doubt in her mind about anything that would and could happen in our soon to be "conversation".
I'd love to see her again sometime soon as I will be moving back to california soon.
Thanks again, and please continue your work. I still have my notes from when I saw you last time because they were so powerful, and meant so much to me.
-Meghan Saake/ aka Phoebe Cricket

Paula T.

I recently saw Summer for Reiki, and had a wonderful experience. The heat in her hands is a gift and I was quickly transported into a meditative state. I also felt a heaviness lifted from my spirit at the end of our session. I highly recommend Summer for helping clear a new path in your journey.

Lisa S.

We hired Summer to work with my mom while she was undergoing chemo in 2015. It's taken me a while to write this review as sadly we lost my mom at the end of 2015 to an aggressive form of cancer. Summer made house calls for my mom who was very weakened from the cancer and treatment. These sessions were a respit for my mom who was greatly suffering. But during the treatment, her pain and angst finished and she felt peace. Summer has an incredible warmth and authenticity that was very needed during this emotional time. While she was there to treat my mom, we all felt calmer when she was in the house. My mom was a therapist and had always been open to various healing modalities. She was also quite astute as to whether a person was skillles or not. About Summer, my mom said, "She is a true healer." Thank you Summer for all you did to help my mom transition. You are a beautiful human being and the work you do is essential.

Kevin W.

Summer is a very calming and nurturing person and she seems like she is in the perfect job. I have used her hypnotherapy services and found her to be able to work very quickly at getting to the heart of issues I was having. She works quite effectively and efficiently in her sessions and she truly wants to help you. In a very crazy and chaotic world that we live in, it is wonderful to have someone like Summer as an amazing Hypnotherapist.

Kathy T.

I've only just met Summer but I found her to be the best listener ever...she gave me some really timely advice that actually worked when I tried it. I plan to continue going to the women's group she hosts and I look forward to it. I would recommend her to anyone!

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