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Medicine Wisdom & Universal Truths - An Interview with Wisdom Coach Anna Scott

Last summer, I sat down with friend and fellow Wisdom Coach, Anna Scott, for her Love of Life Energy: Medicine Series Podcast, to discuss my experience with medicine and what I've learned from it - much of which is universally true. In this episode we discuss healing in connection, trusting oneself, getting to know oneself beyond oneself, and healing as part of the collective good. 

You'll hear in this episode, a consistent message that has come through all the work I've done both for myself and with clients: None of us can do life alone. No matter how vulnerable it is. No matter how tenuous it is. The sooner we learn to lean in to one another, the sooner we have the life we have longed for - one that is connected, supported, sustained, nourished, and nurtured.

This knowing, is what drives me to be in service be in this way.  It is my joy to help you remember your wholeness. 

Please join me and Anna in this deeply healing and nourishing conversation. Take it into your heart and remember

Happy to connect if there is something in there that inspires you or peaks your interest.

You can connect with me here:

Many Blessings,


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