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Building Bridges

You are not alone, not in truth anyway. That feeling of separation, of isolated distance, is created as you resist who you naturally are. That distance, or gap, is the space within yourself from your ego to your source.

That separateness is unnecessary, but your ego has good reason to try and prove otherwise. I can guarantee that your ego is not absolutely certain of it’s stance; and if push were to come to shove, in the long run it would crumble under the weight of it’s truth.

How long do you have to live in isolation? As long as you want, and as long as you can stand. However, my guess is that if you are still reading this, you are getting tired of the illusion. It is exhausting to continue to live a lie: to live as if life were holding itself apart from you, and as if that distance was possible.

Not knowing how to get back to resonance with our source is one problem, and a very real one at that. We’ve worked so hard to not connect that we didn’t pay attention to how we accomplished it. This causes us to easily feel lost within our own journeys.

In our isolated ways, well-being seems like a unicorn: it can’t possibly be real. Everyone says they want well-being, but who do you know that actually has it? I’m here to say that our well-being is very real, and quite accessible. In fact, it is super easy to reach.

I’m letting you know that the way back is only one thought, one heartbeat, and one understanding away. The way back is inward, for the journey to truth is within. The joyous part of the journey is a feeling you end up finding; a basic feeling of ease, grace, and well-being.

Loving what is, just as it is- without any desire to make changes to such- is your key. You can love yourself in all capacities: beauty and despair, joyful fun and hurt anger. You can love every moment as a gift of being. There isn’t a single moment that is actually wrong; rather, each moment is diving source expressing itself through you.

What gives our moments the spectrum of color, flavor, and texture is how we perceive them. If we go about thinking that our experience is wrong, or horrible, then we create that for ourselves. This is not to say it is our fault; it is more that we mute our ability to love ourselves and what is. Our ego works hard to shut that loving part of ourselves off, as it likes the experience of fixed expectations. Without a way to prepare, defend, or protect from it, life’s uncertainty is terrifying for the ego. When left to it’s own devices, our ego only has our own small lifetime of experience to use as a reference point for operations.

What I am offering is that we are more than just our ego. We are a source of life force energy. Once this is apparent, the ego can actually relax. The understanding brings the awareness that our ego is not alone, and it is not in charge. This allows it to resource it’s wholeness and awareness- thus allowing it to perform its function as a bridge from the formless to form.

When utilizing the whole self, you have the consciousness of the whole universe as a resource- a resource which is expanding exponentially at an ever-increasing rate each nanosecond.

You are so not alone, certainly not while in the form of this human body. You are connected as ever to the whole of the universe as it is what resides within and imbues you with life.

If you would like to learn more about how to build and strengthen the bridge between your ego and source, I can be reached at (209) 993-7102.

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