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Grief and Rebirth

Closing down the world sure put a chaotic halt to life as we knew it I want to acknowledge that the way life was, before we closed the world down, will never be again Even as we get slowly open back up We will not be the same We are forever changed by this experience Truth is, we don’t know yet what that means for how we go about life This is a vital time to grieve what has been lost Whether it is a loved one, a career, or a way of living in the world It is necessary that we take a moment to acknowledge and cherish as well as let go of what is gone The new culture of the world is helping to shape us Like tempered steel, this experience has been deepening and strengthening us Our immediate responsiveness Our capacity to overcome The immense creativity we have had to embrace, just to get through a day All of this is real It has been a true test of our resilience, as well as our resolve It seems to me that this time has encouraged us to get really present to what is essential It has invited us to put our head down and really see what was right in front of us To let go of that which does not truly need our immediate attention and whittle down the noise This has left us with just enough bandwidth to make it through a day feeling successful with only the most important things to attend to And all else is no longer a priority causing distraction This has gone on long enough now, we have done this enough times To begin to raise our heads and take a look around We have just arrived at this point on the journey though, so even this will feel new and possibly awkward If the journey forward looks uncertain or unstable for you Please reach out and book a free consult to explore options for support If this has taught us anything, it would be to notice how interconnected and dependant we are on each other for our wellbeing You do not have to move forward alone, find the support you need to make the next chapter of this journey one you can feel strong and grateful in Blessings to you, Summer To schedule your free consult, click the link below:

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