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Hire a trusted guide.

Hire a trusted guide to navigate the crevices of your heart and mind.

As a hypnotherapist and shaman, I have found that gentle exploration is ideal at arriving to your pain. With grace and compassion, the pace is slow enough to make room for resources to heal, nourish, and integrate your pain.  This shows up in the aspects or parts of yourself that you previously had dismissed, denied, or damaged through avoidance and criticism.

It is a warm generosity to reconnect with those parts of yourself that have been longing to be felt, heard, understood, and accepted.  With patience, compassion, kindness, and warmth, you no longer have to feel alone and misunderstood.

If you have been avoiding your pain,it may seem difficult or even impossible to arrive back to it. Why not bring along a guide you can trust?  Someone who is familiar with the dark crevices of the heart and mind. Someone who has been to where sorrow, loss, confusion, and suffering reside. Why not bring along a skilled navigator of those crevices?  A guide who can help turn the shadows from a great unknown to be feared to become the holders of your inner treasures. 

To reach out directly, please call 209-993-7102.   You may also inquire at To explore more, please visit

Blessings, Summer MacCool

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