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It's All I Can Do

Poetry comes through me sometimes. Surprising me with it's felt sense of clarity. Each word, each line, could stand alone and hold the Truth. I hope you enjoy the magic that poured forth today. I hear you, yes I remember you’ve told me that before I just don’t fit into the container that you’ve given me I really tried, I really did But after contorting myself for so long In that trying To make it fit To make it work To make me Your I’ve hurt myself Too much Too much to try anymore I’m sorry Because I know You’ll call me a quitter But learning how to live For myself It’s all that I have left It’s all I can do Some might say that you lied to me I think you were just scared for me But I can’t live my life Through your intentions Your fear I have my own fears I have my own intentions Those are enough for me In this lifetime I’m sorry your safe box of well-meaning Didn’t work for me Personally I’m rather grateful it broke Spilling out over the sides Stretching my limbs into the atmosphere beyond I discovered my true shape And size Isn’t box like at all Having never lived outside That kind Confining box It seemed rather precarious To be willing to exist Without it Beyond it Moment By moment Breath By breath Life filled me With wonder And curiosity I became brave Step By step And fall By fall I got up Moved forward Discovered my life Belongs to me

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