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The Chi of Body and Mind

Merging Ego with Soul.

"The martial artist manipulates the chi of the body and the hypnotherapist manipulates the chi of the mind." -James Tripp

In affecting the chi of the mind, I work directly with your soul self and how you perceive it from your human self, or ego identity, and I bring these two truths into alignment.

Why does this matter?

So often we spend our days wondering what's next.  How am I going to do this or that?  There is an obvious sense of feeling dissatisfied, a sense of searching.  Sometimes it feels like you are just getting by, in survival mode, with one day looking much like the next.  This pattern can leave you feeling depressed, anxious, disappointed, afraid, and frustrated.  When looking back at the end of the day, there's this sense that it wasn't what you wanted it to be.  Even more disparaging is that often times you may not even know what you would want instead or how you could have it.

What I help my clients do is find the truth of what they want and how they could have it.  Just by bringing it into present awareness of who they are, allowing them to experience it directly, from within.  The more that my clients practice this kind of presence, the more their daily lives begin to look and feel like the dreams they always had underneath their distracting and disparaging thoughts.

During hypnosis, or even in an intimate conversation, there is a momentary suspension of everything we think we know.  This suspension allows us to explore the imagination of what we could possibly know if we didn't limit ourselves through our human perceptions and conditioned beliefs.  We can look beyond this finite experience into the possibility of all that Life force energy is as it imbues our human forms, giving us access to what is truly possible from deep within.

Why not begin to get the answer to the question of who you are and why you are here.  How good would that feel, to have access to these answers in your everyday life?

Blessings, Summer MacCool

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